Paul Kirk

I’m a Watch Manager and have worked at Avon Fire & Rescue Service since 2000. The reason I joined is because I wanted the excitement and the challenge and I thought the fire service would be a perfect opportunity for me to challenge myself.


I really enjoy the fact that it’s really unpredictable and no two days are the same. You could potentially have one day where you’re doing a community fire safety event and the next you could be attending a chemical incident or a house fire, and I think that is a very interesting aspect of the job.


It was very important for me to start a career where I had the opportunity to progress and in the fire service you can progress up the ranks if you choose to and if you don’t you can stay as a firefighter and take on specialist responsibilities or additional roles.


I would say to anyone who was thinking about joining the fire service that it’s a very interesting career, no two days are the same, it’s very unpredictable and it’s quite an exciting job to have.


Being a firefighter is like joining a very specialist team and it’s an incredible career to have. When you are on a shift you do become very close to each other and very bonded and that goes outside the job as well and you really do feel like you are part of a family.

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"It’s a really, really varied career with loads of opportunities to develop personally and play an important role in the community."
"If you really want to go for it, you can do it and make your dreams come true. I did and I’ve never regretted it – this is the best job I’ve ever had."
"I’ve learnt so many skills and made a lot of friends and it’s brought the best out of me as a person."