Welcome to the Yes YOU Can blog


Hello and welcome to the Yes You Can blog. This will keep you up to date with everything you need to know about upcoming Wholetime recruitment at Avon Fire & Rescue Service, events and any key application dates.

Over the course of the coming months, it will cover everything from some of the equipment crews use, hints and tips on your application process, life on the front line and an introduction to the family.

Our Marketing Manager and mum-of-two, Louisa Roger, will also be taking on a new training programme where she aims to become firefighter fit.

You can follow her journey and use any of the hints and tips to help you reach the same level and pass the fitness tests.

The blog will also do a little myth busting – it’s not just fires that keep the Service busy – and there will be a selection of case studies from operational staff.

Finally, Yes You Can.

Firefighters are just ordinary people who do extraordinary things when they come to work. You’ll be a leader in your community and you’ll push your fitness to new levels.

One of the Services’ greatest challenges is organising a group of firefighters with different backgrounds, beliefs, and experience levels, just like you, to perform as a team, often under extreme conditions. But it is something it does to an incredible level.

Anyone is welcome to apply - Your backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences are what make you unique, and we want you to help drive the fire service forward by being part of the team.

Good luck.