Application Form – Values

This year, the application form and what we are looking for from applicants has slightly changed. Rather than a community focus, applicants should look at Avon Fire & Rescue Service’s values and make sure their personal statement reflects those values.

As a service, we believe that it is not just what we do, but also how we do it, that is important. Our values act as the standards of behaviour we expect from our elected members and our staff.

Consider carefully each of these values. What have you done, with examples, that reflect those values?


What exactly is respect? Showing consideration for others, treating them how you would wish to be treated and respecting their views, beliefs and opinions even if they differ to your own.

But as a fire service, respect can come in many different forms, from respecting other emergency services we work alongside, respecting members of the community when they need us most and also respecting other members of staff.

What have you done that shows respect, maybe in a unique and powerful way?


Honesty will help take you to places in life that you may have once considered unachievable. Being honest, truthful, open and trusted by others is a key part of being a firefighter.

Honesty isn’t just about telling the truth, but it’s about being real with yourself and others about who you are, what you want, and how you ensure that you are right for the role.

Honesty promotes openness and empowers us to constantly develop how we present ourselves.

When have you been truly honest?


Demonstrating courage in your actions and behaviours, standing up for what is right and having the courage to help and support others even when this may present difficulties; these are all key attributes of a firefighter.

But being courageous isn’t just about the ability to enter a burning building or putting your life on the line for your colleague.

Courage can come in the smallest of forms; it can simply be standing up for a colleague when you see something wrong, or being honest that you don’t know the answer.

What little moments of courage separate you from everyone else?


Being ambitious is about being determined to succeed and achieve in whatever situation you are faced with, even when things are difficult.

Ambition can get a bad rep and can be seen as a negative attribute, but we see it as a driving factor in ensuring we accomplish great things. We want Avon Fire & Rescue Service to be the best, and we want you to want to be the best as well.

It provides us with clear goals and ensures we work hard to achieve them, whether that be in personal development or having ambitious targets on community safety.

What ambitions do you have?


An inclusive workplace values individual and group differences, welcoming people from different backgrounds, considering their needs and treating them appropriately.

At Avon Fire & Rescue Service, we spend more and more time out in your community raising awareness, conducting home fire safety checks and communicating fire prevention and other safety messages.

This requires the ability to communicate with all members of your community, including the elderly, young adults and school children. You will be a role model that others look up to and will make a difference in your community.

Similarly, one of the greatest challenges we face as an organisation is organising a group of firefighters with different backgrounds, beliefs, and experience levels, just like you, to perform as a team, often under extreme conditions.

Being prepared means firefighters train, eat, and function together, allowing everyone to discover talents within the group. Your backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences are what make you unique, and we want you to help drive the fire service forward by being part of the team.

What have you done that truly included all members of a team or community?


This means being clear, open, transparent and honest in your actions and behaviours.

Transparency is a highly valued attribute by almost everyone. At Avon Fire & Rescue Service we value transparent relationships with our colleagues, friends, family and communities we serve.

We also strive to be an organisation that is transparent about what it does and how we do it. This is not only valued our staff but also brings value to the communities we serve. Avoiding tricks, hidden agendas and making information accessible to everyone has a positive impact in several ways. 

Have you, or a company you worked for, ever been truly transparent?