Personal statement

Application Form - Personal statement

One of the key parts of the application form is your personal statement, which at just 1,500 must clearly show exactly why you would fit well with Avon Fire & Rescue Service, and what experience you would bring to the role.

In this section, we are looking for candidates to demonstrate the core skills required to become a firefighter, including:

  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • Good communication skills
  • Commitment to continuous development
  • Ability to solve problems and possess good practical skills
  • Ability to work within a diverse environment and adapt to different needs

Hints and Tips

We advise that you split your statement into two sections. Part one should cover your skills and experience and part two should cover each of the values. 

You may wish to present your statement using headings or bullet points so each part is clear.

Writing your examples

Allow yourself plenty of time for your personal statement. We recommend drafting this in a Word document ahead of the application stage, which you can then cut and paste into the application form.

Ensure you include a range of examples and that they highlight the required skills, experience and values. Think about any particularly difficult/demanding/challenging situations you have faced and what skills or values you used. 

The examples do not all have to have a positive outcome. Sometimes we learn most from situations which did not go so well. Do not be afraid to use these if they demonstrate what you learned and what you would do differently.

Be concise and make full use of the 1,500 words. This is your chance to make your application form really stand out from the rest. A short statement is unlikely to pass. 

Also make sure to proofread your application form before submitting it, or even ask someone else to read through it as well. A fresh pair of eyes can help with your application.

Ask friends, family or colleagues to assist you. This will help ensure you have covered all of the required points and provided the best possible examples. We sometimes undersell ourselves and lack confidence in our abilities. 

If you seek input from others they may help you think of other positive examples, which show your full range of skills and strengths.