Mick with new firefighters

Joining the Fire Service family

By Mick Crennell, Chief Fire Officer for Avon Fire & Rescue Service

Following the success of our recent recruitment campaigns, I’m really pleased that we are recruiting again and expanding our fire service family even further.

When I joined the Fire Service as a firefighter at Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service in 1992, not only did I take the first steps towards a new career, I formed bonds with colleagues that have stayed with me for life.

This job is like no other in that you’ll experience things with your colleagues that you would with few other jobs.

When you make the decision to become a firefighter not only will you be learning new skills every day, you will become an integral part of your community and a vital part of the Fire Service that you join.

Throughout the Yes You Can site you’ll find a range of information about the role of a firefighter with Avon Fire & Rescue Service and how you can prepare to ensure you’re in the best position possible to be successful with your application.

Take some time to read through the website – familiarise yourself with the various stages of the recruitment process, watch the case studies from some of our newest recruits and start undertaking some of the exercises we advise to prepare yourself for the physical tests.

Joining the Fire Service provides exciting career opportunities. Anyone is welcome to apply to join the Avon Fire & Rescue Service family.

Your background, beliefs and experiences are what make you unique and we need you to help drive the Service forward. We welcome applications from all sections of our richly diverse communities.