Rope rescue

From the perspective of a firefighter – Incident response and rope rescue

Firefighters take part in a variety of different activities when responding to incidents or during training. Two basic but crucial skills include the ladder climb and crawling through a confined space.

The following videos will give you an idea of what it is like from the firefighter’s perspective as they take you through different aspects of what they do.

The video filmed with a 360 camera makes it possible for you to look around as the video progresses, giving you a point of view not possible with regular video footage.

We will be adding more examples of life as a firefighter. No longer just fighting fires, there are many different skills and aspects from water rescue, large animal rescue, community safety to disaster relief.

Incident response

See what it is like to sit in the cab of one of AF&RS' fire engines when they are responding to an incident on blue lights. 

Rope rescue

Experience what it is like to abseil down a cliff face from a firefighter’s point of view, during a rope rescue exercise at Avon Gorge.

There are the ways of viewing these videos, depending on your preference. The cameras are also initially pointing the opposite direction, so please turn the viewer 180 degrees.  

  1. Headset – There are many headsets available, from google cardboard to more expensive sets. If viewing on a mobile phone and using in a headset, click the headset icon to split the footage into 2 and then load the phone into your headset and press play. As you move your head, you will be able to look in any direction, just as you would if in the real situation,
  2. Use your finger if viewing on a tablet, or mouse on a desktop pc to scroll around the footage, to see the action from different angles.
  3. View on a mobile device and turn the phone around to change the viewpoint.

Please note that user discretion is advised as some viewers may experience nausea when using a headset for long periods of time.