Yes You Can

The job of a modern Firefighter Control is far more diverse and varied than you might realise.

When you ask most people about the Fire and Rescue Service what usually comes to mind is the job we do at emergencies.  Although this is still a really important part of the role, the Service provides so much more to the community than just emergency response.  

When someone rings 999 and desperately needs our help we are ready to respond to a wide range of emergencies - and it’s not just fires we go to.

We now have the skills and training to deal with everything from road traffic collisions, chemical incidents, rope rescues, rescues from water, animal rescues, provide medical care and of course fight fires and rescue those in danger.

As a Firefighter Control, you will be based within our Control room at Lansdown.  Each time someone dials 999 and seeks assistance from the Fire and Rescue Service you will be evaluating their situation and with the support from our technology system you will dispatch fire appliances and other resources required to assist each situation.  

Throughout this situation, you will keep in touch with Firefighters and other Fire Service personnel involved and if additional information, resources or specialised equipment is required then then it will be you that will respond.
You will also liaise directly with other emergency service personnel and other agencies.

Our Firefighter Control employees work under a significant amount of pressure.  Working as part of a team, they react immediately to instructions and orders and play an essential part in ensuring our communities are safe.

Remind you of anyone?

All of our staff are just ordinary people, who do extraordinary things when they come to work, all while living by our values. 

To be a Firefighter Control it is essential that you have great communication skills. This includes effective listen skills.

You will also need to make instant decisions based on the information in which you have been presented with and due to the varying nature of this role, it is essential that you are able to remain calm under pressure and possess good problem solving skills, but most of all you need to be someone who cares deeply about making a difference in our community.

If that sounds like you, then yes you can be a Firefighter Control.