Crew Manager - Technical Fire Safety

Vacancy details

Crew Manager Vacancies Technical Fire safety


Based at:  Various locations across the service area

Contract:  Permanent Whole-time contract

Shift:  9 day fortnight

Closing date:  12:00 (midday) on Friday 03 July 2020

We are seeking to fill a number of Crew Manager Posts within Technical Fire Safety.  These roles are based across the four unitary areas. Expressions of interest are welcomed from substantive Crew Managers (Wholetime and On-Call). 
Due to the nature of this role, this opportunity is only open to grey book operational personnel.

The Risk Reduction Team comprise of Green and Grey Book Managers working together using their professional expertise, knowledge, awareness and understanding of community risk to develop, influence, lead and deliver the risk reduction strategy across our Service area. 

As a Technical Fire Safety Inspecting Officer your primary role will be to enforce The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. You will do this through inspection and audit of premises under the Order. Applicants will be expected to work towards the Qualification of Level 4 Certificate Fire Safety. This will be done through on the job training and attendance at appropriate training courses.

These are critical roles within the organisation and the role will provide you with the ability to directly contribute to the wider work of the directorate.  There is an expectation that you serve a minimum of 2-3 years within the role to help you fully develop your skills and to enable the organisation and community to benefit from your input. 

It is important for Leaders across the organisation to possess a blend of operational and risk reduction experience to ensure our community and workforce are protected.    

We are looking for substantive Crew Managers from other Fire and Rescue Services that ideally possess a Level 4 Certificate in Fire Safety however we will accept candidates that show willingness to complete this qualification.

How to apply

The job description and application is available to download on our website

Once you have read the job description please complete the application form telling us how you meet the requirements of the role - tell us how your skills, qualifications and experience match those required for this role, and provide examples wherever you can. The information you give us will assist us in our shortlisting process.

Completed applications must be submitted to Human Resources, Avon Fire & Rescue Service, Police & Fire Headquarters, PO Box 37, Valley Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 8JJ by the closing date and time. Alternatively, you can email your application to Late applications will not be accepted. 

Job description


To contribute to the protection of the people in the Service area and in making communities safer by:-

  • Supervising and supporting the delivery of services provided by Technical Fire Safety
  • Carrying out inspections of premises to ensure compliance with set safety standards under the Regulatory Fire Safety Order 2005
  • Setting standards of fire safety in public and commercial premises
  • Assisting the Watch Managers with the provision of effective day to day management of the Technical Fire Safety Department
  • Informing and educating the community to improve awareness of safety matters
  • Providing leadership, command and support at operational incidents if required by the organisation


You are responsible to a Station Manager, who assisted by a Watch Manager will plan and allocate tasks and duties and set objectives and targets, in order to meet customer requirements and directorate/Service aims and objectives.

During Watch Manager short-term absences you will manage day to day activities in line with your role, ensuring planned deadlines and work objectives are met, and reported to the Station Manager fire safety manager.

Audit and evaluate Fire Risk Assessments within existing buildings and premises to identify risks and hazards and assess whether control measures have been implemented.
Provide basic technical advice, guidance and support on relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and standards in order to minimise fire risks and hazards.

Promote fire safety matters and facilitate learning through demonstration and instruction to educate and inform the community and improve awareness of safety matters.
Manage, assess and evaluate work activities and develop proposals for improvements to facilitate work objectives and ensure continuous improvement

Inform and educate the community to improve awareness of safety matters, including

  • delivering talks and training as required
  • liaising with and supporting community groups, public bodies and local initiatives in promoting fire safety and preventative measures
  • assisting with the delivery and content of other courses/initiatives being run by Community Fire Safety.                                                                      

Carry out the re-inspection of premises certified under the relevant Fire Safety Legislation and regulations, licensed premises and those licensed for public entertainment, to ensure compliance. Refer concerns or issues of non-compliance to the relevant Watch Manager/Station Manager.     

Taking enforcement action in line with Service policy and procedures, through the investigation of offences, cautioning and interviewing of witnesses, taking and preparing statements, the collecting of evidence and the preparation of case files

Set standards of Fire Safety in lower risk premises for compliance under the Fire Safety Order. 

Collect relevant information, having regard to data protection controls, and provide options/ proposals, or risk critical, health and safety, fire safety and general information, to aid decision making and the achievement of specified objectives.                                                  

Supervise day to day work activities to ensure that deadlines and work objectives are consistently met in accordance with Service Policies, health and safety requirements and within the planning framework determined by the Station and Watch Manager.                                

Plan and allocate human and physical resources to meet actual and anticipated operational needs within your area of responsibility.                                                        

Provide constructive and positive support to team members who are experiencing difficulties affecting their performance, investigating development needs and/or referring to your Line Manager or other specialist personnel (e.g. Welfare Officer).   
Continually seek to improve the individual and team performance of employees, to ensure competent service delivery. This includes identifying development and training needs; arranging and delivering training, coaching, on the job development and support to employees; and evaluating the effectiveness of training and development activities.                                                                                            

Be responsible for your own personal development and effectiveness, including own health and fitness for work, to meet the existing and known future requirements of the post.  Make constructive contributions to performance reviews to support continuous improvement, particularly at PDR’s. Take appropriate action to communicate and address development needs and to manage your own time and resources effectively.                                                           

Attend any relevant courses to achieve the relevant qualification in Fire safety (currently Fire Safety Inspector Level 3 certificate). Attend specific training to maintain this qualification as and when required.

Collect relevant information from a number of sources, to support the investigation of events to determine cause.  Produce reports on findings and conclusions, as required, including any recommendations for improvement or minimising future hazards or risks.            

Respond to enquiries and provide authorised information and advice on Fire & Rescue Service matters to the public and the media, within defined guidelines. Contribute to meetings, inside and outside the Service, as required.                                                         

Attend and take command of operational incidents, formulating strategic and tactical plans in response to risk, and matching human and physical resources to identified incident demands.  


You are expected to maintain personal competence in accordance with the National Occupational Standard (NOS) Role Map. (See summary attached). You must also present a positive image of our Authority at all times.

You must comply with all current policies and procedures of Avon Fire & Rescue Service, some of which are highlighted below. 

You must be aware of Health and Safety Regulations in relation to duties and tasks being undertaken and must report any situations or incidents which could be considered hazardous.  All employees have a responsibility for their own safety and must not endanger that of colleagues/visitors in the workplace or the public.                               

You must ensure that, both in your dealings with other employees and with members of the public, you adhere to the principles and standards outlined in the Equality and Fairness Policy.  You have a responsibility to inform your line Manager of literature, language or behaviour that offends against that policy and the dignity of personnel.

In addition to the individual responsibilities above, you must ensure that employees, for whom responsible, comply with the principles of equality, fairness and dignity and must confront incidents of behaviour that offend against those principles. 

You are required to adopt and apply the ‘Core Values in the Fire & Rescue Service’ to the way in which you carry out your duties and responsibilities. [See relevant Personal Qualities & Attributes attached] 

Maintain appropriate records as part of your day to day duties, including property, resource inventories and Fire Safety records.  In particular, ensure that all leave, staff availability and absence records are completed in accordance with Service policies and procedures.

If required and appropriately trained/qualified, drive, manoeuvre and redeploy fire service vehicles and plant to meet operational requirements.

This Job Description contains only the main accountabilities relating to the post and does not describe in detail all the duties required to carry them out. You may also be required to perform other duties appropriate to the post and within the context of the National Occupational Standard Role Map for a Crew Manager.


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