What we can offer you

Being an On-Call firefighter is an extremely popular and rewarding career. There are so many great things we can say about working for Avon Fire & Rescue Service, but here are some of the best parts of being an On-Call firefighter:

  • The satisfaction of knowing that every time you respond to your station you are genuinely helping your community and making a difference to people’s lives.
  • The opportunity to learn new skills, progress and be promoted in your second career.
  • The chance to test yourself and reach the potential you never knew you had.
  • You will join the fire and rescue service family where most of your work will be focused on providing a response to emergencies including fires and road traffic collisions.
  • Occupational health and paid holidays.
  • You will earn a second income for providing this invaluable service to your community. As a trainee On-Call firefighter you will initially be placed on the trainee rate of pay. Upon completion of your training your pay will increase to the development rate until you have completed your development phase and are deemed competent. You will then be paid at the appropriate competent rate of pay. Annual salary and other payments are detailed in the table below.
  • Paid annual leave - the current paid annual leave entitlement for a full cover On-Call firefighter is 30 days, rising to 33 days after five years continuous service.


Annual on-call retaining fee

Hourly rate

Attendance fee

Turnout fee

Drill night fee

Full cover

Part cover






















Example earnings per month based on 2023 full cover rates of pay, competent salary and one turn out and one attendance.

On-call retainer (full cover) £301.92
Drill night fee (based on four nights) £132.32
Turnout fee (one turnout) £21.31
Attendance fee (one attendance) £138.95

Example of earnings during training school approximation based on 2023 trainee rates of pay. Training school completed over approximately 2 months with gaps between each course section.

Basic training week 1 (7 continuous days) £729.68
Basic training week 2 (5 continuous days) £521.20
Road traffic collision training (3 continuous days) £312.72
Breathing apparatus week 1 (5 continuous days) £521.20
Breathing apparatus week 2 (5 continuous days) £521.20