Ellesse Pearce

I’ve been at Bath station for six months now. I started my training in October and then started on station in January. I used to be a room manager in a pre-school and then applied to become a firefighter and I got in first time.

I joined the fire service because I wanted a new career which was challenging and interesting and I could learn new skills on a daily basis.

I really enjoy learning new skills every day, the team bonding and everyone treats me as part of the team; they did on the first day I was here. So I quite enjoy the whole team work side of it.

I’m used to working in a team anyway but it’s working in a team under pressure so my skills within team work have built up really well and just dealing with situation under pressure, I’m thinking on the spot.

For anyone thinking of joining the fire service, I would say yes you can. There is no reason why anybody couldn’t join the fire service. It is probably the best thing I have done. 

Although I have only been here six months, I haven’t regretted my decision. I enjoy every single day.

I would just say make sure you put in the hard work and the research and make sure you are training to make sure you pass the fitness test. Anyone can give it a go.

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